Things can get very hectic when you are planning for a special event. There will be a lot of details that need to be organized, like the time, the venue, or the type of event. And there are others more than most guests will likely to notice such as the decor, music, lighting, and so on. Things can get even more hectic and stressful when you add catering services to the mix. However, you do not need to worry much, because once you employ the right catering service and they will be there to provide a stress-free experience.

The last thing you want to do when planning for a catered event is to have too little food. However, being end up with too much food is even worse since that creates waste, both in your budget and perishable goods. It will leave you feeling discouraged and downtrodden by the end of the day. If you are wondering what amount of catered food is just right, keep on reading the helpful guide to ordering the right amount of food to prepare for your event:

  • Determine the type of event

First off, you should know what type of event you are having catered. It can be a business lunch, a wedding, a funeral reception, a birthday party, or some other type of corporate or personal event, it is important to know the audience and the ambience.

Numerous industry pros note that people who are sitting at events, whether it is a corporate lunch, a corporate presentation, a marriage reception, and sometimes even a funeral service, have a tendency to eat way more than those who are at a board conference or any events that are more active. Therefore, if you are planning for an event where people are feeling a lot more relaxed or casual, it could be a great idea to order a slightly bit extra.

  • Determine the schedule of the event

This is also something crucial to pay attention to when preparing a catered special event. The time of day can have a significant role in whether or not people will be starved for the full portion, or if perhaps something such as finger foods and light snacks will suffice. If it is a lunch event, you’ll want to be sure that every person is accounted for when ordering. Prepare for a couple of extra box lunches in the event a couple of stragglers show up — or in the event, someone is extremely hungry.

  • Determine the duration of the event

If the event is only scheduled to last a few hours, then you are going to be set with one meal — 2-4 appetizers, one main dish, and a side — per person. But, if it is an extensive event that can last throughout the day, you are going to want to prepare for the works. Reckon things such as appetizers, side salads, and even dessert for every single person that attends

  • Determine the menu

The best piece of advice when it comes to the preparation for a catered event is to get in the know of how many people will come and RSVP, if possible. This way, people can know what the menu is going to look like and inform you whether they will take time to eat and more importantly, just how much they plan on eating.

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Important Pointers For Selecting Corporate Event Catering

Regardless of whether it is a staff incentive, big conference, meeting, official retreat, client meeting, or some other sort of business work, almost certainly arranging catering for a corporate occasion is frequently distressing. The food that you serve at your business function impacts the atmosphere and overall impression for all the guest s when they left. As one of, if not the most significant components in an effective business occasion, it is critical to get the cooking right. Excellent catering companies usually work with various premium catering groups and hotels to guarantee that the customers get extraordinary foods to keep up with their important occasion. Here are the key points when picking corporate occasion food caterer:

  • Think about the logistics of the occasion

The first and the handiest approach to start arranging catering for a corporate event is to plan the logistics of the occasion – essential details such as incorporate the venue, the kind of occasion and the size, and the guest as well. Despite the fact that it might be difficult to know definite numbers and figures, an estimated headcount ought to be resolved ahead of time so as to realize that whoever is employed could take into account the number of visitors.  Ensure that the corporate occasion catering provider spends significant time in the kind of occasion you want, and let them know your financial limit forthright, making sure to set up what’s incorporated into their services, and so forth (each company sets  varied ranges)

  • Guarantee adaptable menu choices

Corporate occasion caterer may challenge you as there might be major names that attend your event and you need to please, without having to offer just simple, boring menu. The majority of caterers have standard menus to look over, and a decent cook will offer adaptability so you can customize an energizing menu to your particular needs, for instance, if the occasion is themed.  The key thing to pay special mind to is an assortment of menu values – check this is up to your standards in a taste-test. Note the introduction and taste – occasional menus specifically will, in general, be progressively flavourful. The correct caterer ought to also have the option to give veggie-lover, vegetarian and without gluten alternatives, obliging other dietary prerequisites and allergies to food.

  • Put resources into an accomplished and excellent chef and catering staff

With an array of assortment of corporate event catering organizations in the market, it very well may be dubious to limit the cook that best suits your needs. Pick an organization with a quality chef and mindful, customer-service focused wait staff who will guarantee a successful occasion. An accomplished caterer is incredible and is surprisingly better when combined with excellent notoriety (read surveys and see their portfolio prior to you making the decision).

Well regarded corporate caterers will be accustomed to working together with other companies offering event services, such as florists, which is more likely to ensure a cohesive occasion that runs smoothly. It’s these details, such as good communication skills, a strong network and great customer service skills that can be tricky to identify but will make a world of difference to the overall result and therefore should be noted.

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