Beverage Catering For A Stress-Free Event

Contracting out the catering of food is customary these days, regardless of whether it be for office and corporate catering or specific occasion catering, however, did you have any idea that Culinarius Catering also offers complete beverage catering? Beverage catering carries off any kind of events, making sure that your guests are completely refreshed and in the spirits for the party.

Organizing an event can involve a large amount of strain, so why not hire out some of that strain and get your drinks supplied as well? Culinarius Catering are specialists in preparing and carrying out occasions and we will be competent to help you in estimating the number of beverages your event requires, so you do not have to worry about running out on wine, beer and soda beverages. Culinarius Catering can additionally supply all the glassware and bar related equipment that your occasion calls for. Perfectly skilled and qualified wait staff and bartenders can be chosen from us to offer you peace of mind and also the freedom to delight in the occasion.

Various Beverage Packages Available for catering

Culinarius Catering can supply completely serviced catering treatments for all functions at your place particularly birthdays, product releases, conferences and seminars, special celebrations and events. Most significantly, we are versatile and we can prepare catering treatments specific to your location. We can present beverage bundles to any kind of event, our packages vary from coffee & tea, regular beverage packages to luxurious beverage packages including fine wine, premium beers, soda beverages and juice.

Our variety of company catering and private occasion catering choices additionally provide a considerable option of menus, such as buffets, canapes and BBQ’s, as well as luncheon, afternoon and morning tea bundles for boardrooms and meetings. These will all go nicely with one of our beverage offers.

Culinarius Catering can help you organize your event

Culinarius Catering can assist you with a lot more than really the food and beverages. We additionally have gain access to an extended range of hardware and can facilitate you with glassware, ice tubs, clothes, accessories, heating devices and even a dining table with a clean white tablecloth to utilize as a bar. Skilled bar personnel are always available to guarantee your events goes efficiently. With beverage catering from Culinarius Catering you will make certain that your event runs efficiently, your guests are pleased and you are stress-free. You do not need to return the glassware and plates clean- we will take care of that for you.

Contact Culinarius Catering

With the assistance and help of catering staff to serve beverages, it has never been much convenient to keep the drinks flowing. Contact Culinarius Catering to talk about the beverage catering choices, you can try our menu products or get a quote for your upcoming function. In many times a little bit of support can go a long way for your party ideas. Catering workforce can provide some essential assistance and support when you are organizing an event at home or even your office

No function is too large or small for the team at Culinarius, nor too diverse. We specialize in all kinds of catering services including everyday corporate lunches, large scale corporate launches, weddings, funerals, private in-home parties, baby showers and bridal showers. Culinarius has a Caterers Liquor Licence and is able to provide professional beverage service at your event.  We can provide anything from percolated coffee and specialty teas to French champagne and cocktails.  Our experienced RSA certified beverage wait staff can come along and take care of everything for you. You can contact us through the website or call us on (02) 4228 1800.



Starting from house warmings to birthday celebrations plus engagements, everybody enjoys an awesome celebration. Parties are the most appropriate reason to catch up with good friends and family relations. Regardless of whether you are celebrating at home or a venue, arranging an event can be extremely complicated. One of the most significant factors you will require to give consideration to is what kind of event you are hosting. Provide meals that showcase your kind of event. Are your friends being seated at tables or is everybody standing up because it is a cocktail party event? Small things like this can impact exactly what you serve.

Still, the season of your occasion can affect your party concepts for meals spread. Cold salad and fruit salad platters may sound like a fresh option in hot weather, but colder weather will be able to make these meals seem less appetising. You might also want to give consideration to what foods are presented throughout your event’s season.

The mass of your occasion can additionally stimulate your party suggestions as well as menu alternatives. Significant numbers of guests are not too stressful to accommodate for at huge venues with catering personnel. In case you are hosting a party at home, you are advised to think of the logistics of organizing as well as serving your food to friends. With big house functions, it is better to organize a self serve food spread in which everybody can serve themselves.

Exactly how do you organize on serving your meals to guests? The strategy you serve party meals takes on a great part in just how your event is arranged. You will figure particular kinds of food spreads provide themselves to different occasions. Canapés and finger food are constantly ideal party ideas for cocktail style occasions. They are simple for the catering team to serve for standing party guests. Finger foods do not require backup plates and serving utensils, hence they are usually much less difficult for guests to eat as well.

Catering assistance

Often times a little bit of help can go a long way for your party concepts. Catering personnel can supply some necessary help and support when you are hosting an event at home.

An additional awesome party basic is a great range of beverages for your family and friends. Alcohol or not, somebody ought to provide them. Establishing up a minibar is one of those very good party suggestions for keeping your friends and family hydrated at home. With the help and support of catering staff members to serve drinks, it has never been much easier to keep the drinks running.

Catering package options

You should figure out how accommodating and flexible a catering company could be prior to you choosing them. Does your party event have a spending budget? Evaluate the price of purchasing and planning food yourself to that of a catering service. You might be amazed by how minimal catering expenses can be for your party concepts. Get a hold of a catering service and get a quotation to discover how much their pricing per head is for the catering plans you need.

The gifted occasion organizers at Culinarius are knowledgeable about sorting out important occasions, incorporating help with sourcing the perfect corporate occasion obliging suit the requirements of your catering needs.  No location, menu, theme, or budget is too challenging for the team at Culinarius. We make every aspect of the catering for your party easier to plan, you can choose packages from our hand-picked and carefully evaluated Cocktail Party Packages, or you can build your own menu from our very own hot and cold list of Canapés. Get in touch with us!



Work meetings come in various types, however, they all offer the same purpose: to get everybody on the same page. Regardless of whether your business is featuring a workplace work out, staff members meeting or official yearly company meeting, you will most inclined want to give consideration to how to feast your hungry staff, particularly if you are convening for over a few hours.

Delicious food is basically advantageous to the business, it helps to keep the workforce pleased and feeds a feeling of companionship.  The key to a successful way to cater to a company is to put your focus on the details. Read on to learn a listing of what to do and catering expert suggestions to help you organize your upcoming company meeting. 

1. Collect information — Forward a company-wide email 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time requesting information on dietary limits as well as allergies. Try to let your caterer find out about any important concerns. You can inquire your range of caterer for menu recommendations as well as replacements to be sure every single person is catered to.

2. Make diversified menu — As soon as you prepare a spending budget, the number of visitors and information about specific dietary requirements, you can deal with the menu. To satisfy a crowd, which is constantly difficult to do, the key is variety. Combine light fares such as salads with additional significant items such as gourmet specialty sandwiches or warm entrees. The following are some more tips to support menu preparation and dealing with certain dietary requirements as well as preferences: 

  • Gluten-free: Salads have a versatile role, which can satisfy a broad range of diets, like people who only eat gluten-free intake, vegetables, and low calorie or low carb meals
  • Budget Menu: You can go for a variety of wraps or some sandwiches selections s
  • Early meetings: The basics such as freshly-baked muffins, Danishes, coffee, tea and juice are always a great way to go for meetings that happen early in the morning
  • Formal functions:  Commonly, this consists of two entrees, two starches, one vegetable, two salad selections, rolls and butter and over than a half-dozen other buffet menus.

3. Include something sweet. You can include sweet treats, which will come in handy when the meeting lasts long.

4. Provide beverage choices. Normally, bottled water and diet soda have more popularity compared to the old’ full-calorie soda. You can additionally survey guests to learn their choices when you send out your first company-wide information demand about what to include in the dietary plans.

5. Make sure you prepare the eating utensils — Remember to bring cups if you purchase beverages by the litre. You will also need some plates, napkins, and other eating utensils

6. Make sure you have plenty of time to have the meeting set up – Before all the workers arriving, make sure you have put the buffet table right in place; know where people will dine, and make sure you have consulted with your caterer with all the catering plans

7. Take inventory after the meeting  – Review the whole thing at the end so that you can have some ideas on what to improve on your upcoming corporate lunch meeting. Make sure you list them all down for pointers in the future

The gifted occasion organizers at Culinarius are knowledgeable about sorting out important occasions, incorporating help with sourcing the perfect corporate occasion obliging suit the requirements of your business. We specialize in all kinds of catering services. Get in touch with us to discover more